The Old Railway Carriage

Possibly used on the old Stockton and Napton line, supplying to and from the Nelson Lime and Cement works, the old carriage was left in a field off Tomlow Road

When the opportunity arose, we collected the carriage from the field it had been laying in for many years.

It was positioned in the field adjacent to where it would rest until ready for it’s glorious makeover

The time had come to say goodbye to the ‘vegetable patch’ and make some space for the new arrival

An old cattle shed was dismantled, and the wood reclaimed to create a base, once the ground had been cleared and levelled.  Over the course of a few weeks, time allowed work to continue to level off the mountain of hardcore, sort the larger ‘rocks’ out and create a flat area for the base to be built.

Sandblasted and painted by Mick ‘The Blast’ it was starting to take shape.

It was time to place it into it’s new home….

After a lot of searching and ideas, we found a company that made curved corrugated panels for shepherds huts and other uses, and they made some nice new panels for us.  Wood that was saved from putting up the new cattle shed in the yard was used for the sides, and some new 12mm panels attached to make the inside walls.

As time went on, so did the project – and old pallet for a bar, some shelves and power provided gave us light!!!

Gravel by the tonne and some reclaimed slabs, and the outside was a nice place for a hand made brick BBQ, some fire pits and an Arbour seat!

Now with a nice little, fully operational bar, interior lights (solar) and ewe and lamb hanging basket (actually, outside light) holders – it’s really coming together.

Looking lovely in the evening, with the outside lights fitted into the walls, with no wires showing anywhere – the hanging lamps really set it off with the patterns on the walls…

But what to do with the open sides?  The rain comes in, the wind whips through but it’s so nice when it’s still, dry and warm….

Custom made PVC panels that came from Direct Garden Structures – and it’s (mostly) weather-proof.

These can be rolled up when not needed, but give the whole place protection from the wind and the rain, and make it nice, light, airy and warm when closed.

And there it is – the old railway carriage, that may well have been part of the rail services along the line that went along the back of Tomlow, now a quite little place to relax, read, have a drink and eat the charred remains of food that has been on the BBQ!