GY54 GMX – Audi Allroad C5 2.5TDI Auto – £1,700

  • 105,000
  • Black with cloth interior
  • Heated front seats
  • Needs headlining sorting out
  • Avon AS7 All Season tyres with huge tread left
  • Recent battery
  • New MAF
  • New brake pedal switch
  • New NSF ABS sensor
  • New Aerosus Front Airbags
  • Compressor and valve set replaced in 2014
  • Turbo replaced in 2014
  • Alternator replaced in 2015
  • Cambelt, Water pump & thermo replaced 2011 and 2020
  • over £9.5K spent since 2006 (all receipts comes with car)
  • All original books and folder
  • Only one key
  • Comes with relacement injector pump
  • Load cover and dog guard (dog guard is ripped)
  • Extra 12v USB sockets fitted into underside dash on drivers side
  • Extensive service history

Apart from the headlining, there are some scuffs and small dents, but for a 20 year old car it’s looking pretty good inside and out.

Recently developed issues with ABS, Suspension and TCS lights coming on dash, then going out again, and overreving – all appear to come back to the injector pump going out.

It’s easily £1,800 in parts, but also a straightforward fix for anyone with the time and skills that I don’t possess.