Interactive Lake map

Interactive Lake map
Peg One Peg Two Peg Three Peg Four Peg Five Peg Six Peg Seven Peg Eight Peg Nine Peg Ten Peg Eleven Peg Twelve Peg Twelve a Peg Thirteen Peg Fourteen Peg Fourteen a Peg Fifteen Peg Sixteen Peg Seventeen Peg Eighteen Peg Nineteen Peg Twenty Peg Twenty One Peg Twenty Two Peg Twenty Three Site info, pay point & rules The Loo!

Peg One

Peg One, also known as 'Cooper's Rest' is favoured by our friend and contributor of Lake Reports, Frank Cooper.

Excellent access from the parking area, close to the facilities and a great view of the lake

Peg Two

Otherwise referred to as 'The King's Seat', as the preferred peg of our friend John King.  Close to the parking, nicely positioned in the corner.

Peg Three

A nice corner spot, often gets the breeze to it

Peg Four

A good peg for sunshine (on the odd day it comes out), great view of the water and good if you like the wind in your face too...

Peg Five

Peg Five is on The Point, or 'The Swinney' a nice peg, not too far from the parking area, plenty of choice of directions around you.

Peg Six

Peg Six, on The Point or, 'The Swinney'  A great place to fish with a good reach out into the lake, and one of many pegs named after one of our regulars.

Peg Seven

Peg Seven - the other side of the point, can get some good coverage from the reeds so you can hide....this one is also known as 'Al's Abode' since Al spends as much time as he can there when he's fishing..

Peg Eight

Peg eight gets a good amount of the daylight, so a nice place to fish into the summer evenings

Peg Nine

Get here early, stay till late....this peg is located at 'Sunset Corner'

Peg Ten

Peg Ten, or 'Howard's End' a favourite of one of our regulars - along the sunset coast

Peg Eleven

Peg Eleven is also known as 'Reeves Retreat', after our friend Ian Reeve.  Along the sunset coast, another great peg for a long summer evening and great to fish as a group along the back bank

Peg Twelve

Peg Twelve can be a standalone peg, or a good place for assisting another angler on peg 12a.

Peg Twelve a

Adjacent to Peg Twelve, this is a smaller peg that suits our younger anglers accompanied by a parent/grandparent on Peg Twelve

Peg Thirteen

Peg Thirteen may be unlucky for some, but has seen some great weights for matches and pleasure anglers alike - similar to Peg Twelve, this also has an adjacent peg to fish with a younger angler (or older)

Peg Fourteen

Peg Fourteen is in 'Copse Corner' with a nice amount of tree cover for windier days

Peg Fourteen a

Peg Fourteen a is a useful co-peg, nicely tucked into 'Copse Corner' and a great way to accompany younger or older anglers on Peg Fourteen

Peg Fifteen

Peg Fifteen on the roadside bank, gets some good coverage from the wind and a nice quiet spot.

Peg Sixteen

Peg Sixteen - or 'The Cutting' is a new peg created during the lockdown of 2020, and has become very popular.  Great shade from wind and sun, plenty of space for all the gear you need.

Peg Seventeen

Peg Seventeen is right in the middle of the roadside bank, and called 'Tomlow' after the hamlet we live in.  The area was cut back in 2020 to provide more space for parking and room to pass

Peg Eighteen

Peg Eighteen or 'Backwater' is a favourite of many of our regulars, great reach and loads of space around you.

Peg Nineteen

Peg Nineteen, otherwise known as 'The Hideaway' is tucked alongside the trees in the bottom corner of the lake.  Mind how you cast, a breeze may see you add to the decorations on the trees to your left.

Peg Twenty

Peg Twenty is tucked nicely by the other side of the trees in the corner - in 2020 it was recut to remove some of the snags directly in front of it, making it easier as a match peg.

Peg Twenty One

Peg Twenty One was also modified slightly in 2020 following feedback from our anglers, making it wider and easier to set up at.

Peg Twenty Two

Peg Twenty Two is a favourite for some of our less able anglers, easy to reach, mostly flat and really close to the parking and facilities.

Peg Twenty Three

Peg Twenty Three - or 'The Launch' is where we launch our inflatable boat from during the summer.  Great place to setup, easy walk to the loo, and plenty of space all around you.

Site info, pay point & rules

All the info you need is here, terms of use, rules and how and where to pay.

Take an envelope, fill in your details and place in the metal box - all before you setup too please, and we check the box a few times a day.

Please make sure you are aware of the rules!

The Loo!

Yes, it looks like a tardis, but its the loo.  While it won't win any awards, we do regularly check and clean it, and please make sure you use it and not the banks or field around the lake.

You'll also find two bins here too - please make sure you've collected ALL of your rubbish and use the bins we've provided and not the water, banks, parking areas or toilet for your rubbish (including cigarette ends, tea bags, banana skins etc.)