Lake Report 3rd December 2020

Into the second week of the ‘Lock Down’, fortunately still able to fish so lets hope the detour still available. 

Turn right into the detour and there, right at the beginning, a notice advising that this road would be closed for five days from the 21/11/20, so just in time today. 

Halfway along, towards Southam a hive of activity as work on HS2 progresses, but the Detour open.  Reached the Lake around  1.30pm., a choice of swims, settled in the one nearest to the car park. 

Still drizzly rain and gusts of wind but we were advised of dry spells during the afternoon.  Tactics worked the previous week so prepare the mix for the Method Feeder.  One change, the fluffy white mix spiced with finely chopped luncheon meat and prawn.  Hopefully to attract fish into the swim, loose feed sinking pellets, sweet corn and some small cubes of luncheon meat. 

Started off with a small cube of meat on top f the Method Feeder.  Soon the first signs of interest on the quiver tip, followed by a firm bite, then a Common of 2.5lbs.  The next fish, again on meat, a Common of 8lbs+, then a real surprise a chubby Crucian of 2.5lbs.  No need to change bait the meat was working well, it produced another Common of 6lbs. 

The drizzle and wind had eased by now so the final Common of 3lbs. was landed in more comfort.

Light fading rapidly so a speedy finish to get back on the road before darkness fell.  Return via the Detour, just hope they keep to the five days closing for next week.  

Tight Lines,  Tinca Tinca