Lake Report 30th October 2020

Almost the end of the month, the last leaves of Autumn and the start of Winter, especially with the earlier loss of light now that the clocks have gone back one hour.

Arrival at one o’clock after a delayed approach to the Lake.  Work on ‘HS2’, the new high speed train service, proceeds at pace and the A425 connecting Southam to Daventry, skirting this work, has been closed for 9 months.  This is part of the route to Home Farm, so a narrow country road detour had to be negotiated to get to the Lake.  There was a Dad & his two sons already in place.  They were well established on the left bank six swims up from the car park.  I later heard that the father had just landed a 10lbs.+ Common, so the fish were on the feed.  Chose a swim close to the car park, just to the right.  A careful under hand cast to place the Method Feeder next to the reeds.  Using a quick stop rig with a 16 hook, this provides for so many different bait options, starting with a small cube of luncheon meat, liberally doused with a spray of the sweet mix.  Continued to experiment with the feeder mix by adding extra fish oil with the water to achieve the required consistency.  Loose feed a mixture of sinking pellets, small cubes of luncheon meat, sweet corn and half a dozen small balls of white ground bait.  This to cover most of the range of hook baits to be offered during the session. Place the Method Feeder over the ground bait, tighten the line to provide that initial curve of the quiver tip and sit back .  Not expecting a mad rush at this time of the year , but with a pleasant afternoon just a pleasure to be out with the possibility of fish.  Luncheon meat wasn’t the golden key, neither sweet corn , nor a drilled pellet so the old dependable had its moment worm.  Even the worm behaved, lying quietly on top of the method feed during the cast and very soon, a twitch then the bite proper and a Common of 2.5lbs.  Try another worm for bait, an even better bite, pulling the rod off the rest, a repeat another 2.5lbs. Common.

The day was about to change, the fading light, coupled with the loss of one hour, and ominous black clouds massing above meant the drive home was imminent.

What more could I ask for, a choice of swims, mild weather, and on my way back without getting soaked and a bonus, two fish.  What will ‘Lock Down’ bring?

Tight Lines,  Tinca Tinca.

NB.     Exciting news, something to savour over the ‘Lock Down’.  The first steps towards an enhancement of Home Farm Lake.  An initial assessment of the current state of the fish stock took place the week before, the purpose to quantify the current holding then enhance it.  The process started off with a mornings netting.  Lots of Commons & Mirrors, nice Roach and some Bream, all in excellent condition but no evidence of the Barbel.  A lot of smaller fish removed to allow development of existing stocks and the addition of new fish.  Over the next few weeks an assessment of options before final decisions, which could include the addition of Barbel & Tench to the fishery, fingers crossed.  More details as we move into ‘Lock Down’