Lake Report 26th June 2020

Such a warm week, peaking on Thursday with temperatures reaching over 33oC.  Just what the doctor ordered for the Carp so time to try them out, Friday looked the more comfortable with threatened thunderstorms blowing in on South Westerly winds.  From experience one of the more positive wind directions, so a start from mid afternoon to avoid any extremes of the sun and hopefully before any rain arrived.

Rods were already in place, with three, in a mini match, at the far end, all with their nets in the water.  There were three anglers to the right, one a regular visitor then a father and son next to the rushes.  I subsequently heard they had tried another venue without success but knowing of this Lakes potential had journeyed here to try and remedy the position, good decision, they finished with a very respectable catch of Carp using the float.  In contrast the Rod to the right was on the lead, using pellets, was into fish throughout his afternoon session..

Wondering how the open ended feeder would fare, this was the set-up of choice.  As always careful attention to the ground bait preparation, this time with some extra oil, to try an determine any advantage this might provide.  Lace the swim, close in to the right, with a selection of different size sinking pellets, then a couple of catapult cupful’s of sweet corn, with a single corn to be the bait of choice on a small, hair rigged hook.  Not long to wait, and a better fish was on, then the wind took a hand, catching the line around the reel, and during vain attempts to free the line, resultant slackening of contact with the fish meant it spat the hook.  Not to worry, the fish were on song and by a finish at 8pm., a total of 7 fish, mainly Commons up to 6lbs., but also a beautiful Mirror around 10lbs., and in contrast a minute Roach, for a total of 30lbs.+.

The Rod alongside, 10 fish for  around 40lbs., but most impressively, one of the three Rods at the far end was emptying his large net for the second time since their 7am. start, for a total around 200lbs.

It was good to see late arrivals on the bank to the left, with the fathers taking time and trouble to coach the next generation, most importantly, successfully.

Another great session, plenty of fish, from all sides and a finish before the rain arrived, what more could you ask for.

NB.   please remember to pay the Bank Fees before starting to fish and take care in removing hooks. 

Tight Lines,  Tinca Tinca.