Home Farm 6th March 2020

The rains seems never ending, but Friday (6/3/20) was a day of light relief, softer wind and even some warming sun, most importantly no rain.

Even the birds warmed to the better conditions, some Geese sunbathing and the Ducks on the lookout for some free food, so care with the loose feed.  In spite of the better conditions there was still plenty of choice of places to fish but the sodden banks meant keeping near to the hard standing for the car.  Last weeks formula worked then so with these improved conditions it seemed sensible to repeat them.  It took six or seven casts to lay down the ground bait but after the first hour at last a sign of interest but still very cautious, then a decent bite and the first Common of 6 to 7lbs.  By now the Ducks were awake and canny enough to dive for some of the sinking pellets on the bottom.  Initially a nuisance as they ”spooked” the fish but they eventually tired of all that effort to find food and opted for easier pickings elsewhere on the lake. The fish soon returned and the next one after 6 or 7 mins. disappeared as the hook pulled free.  Not usual but repeated on the next fish, even though it had been played for several minutes.  So even more care when the next bite started, at last success, another Common of 5lbs., it just confirmed how cautiously they were feeding, barely taking the bait, but at least the two maggot hook bait was working.  Then the best fish of the day, a Mirror of 8 to 10lbs. and a run of two more Commons of 4 to 5lbs., before a finish at 4.30.

A great afternoon, 7 fish hooked, 5 landed for a total of around 25lbs.  It looks good for the Spring if the rain holds off and we get through the Pandemic!

Tight Lines,  Tinca Tinca.