Home Farm 14th Feb 2020

Its like waiting for a bus, you stand there for what seems ages, then two arrive together, just like our storms.  We just got over storm ‘ Ciara’, then the next weekend a further drenching from storm ‘Deniss’. 

The week leading up to it was on the mild side, but by Friday the wind was strengthening, so the swims near to the parking seemed the most inviting even though they were face on to the increasing wind.  A start at 12.30pm., the ducks, anticipating a free meal soon collected, and a start was made in front of the remaining reeds to the right.  The swim was well prepared with small balls of ground bait and loose fed sinking pellets and maggot.  Never the less it took an hour before the first signs of interest to the two maggots on the 18 hook presented below the open ended feeder.  The fish seem so cautious in the colder weather but patience won out and the initial interest finely transmitted to a proper bite and the first Common, about 4lbs. was in the net.  Not long after, the first of 2xMirrors, up to 5lbs., followed by a third, foul hooked in the dorsal fin, which finally slipped the hook.  A last ‘Hurrah’, a Crucian, of 1lbs. , for a total of 13lbs. before the increasing wind heralded the imminent approach of the storm, so time to finish.

Tight Lines,  Tinca Tinca.