Home Farm – 13th March 2020

In hindsight, the arrival of the ”Pandemic” was approaching fast but Government Directives were yet to be made. 

Friday the 13th, sounds more like an intro to a Horror Film, but no, a pleasant, slightly windy, warm afternoon.  Perhaps, more importantly, there was no joshling for swims, just the still muddy banks, dictating how far to walk before settling down to fish. 

The wind was dissuading the ducks from venturing far from their hidey holes, so it was easier to build up the swim, just in front of the remaining sedges to the right.  First a layer of larger sinking pellets, followed by a smaller size then two or three cupful’s of loose fed maggots. 

Not long to wait, a quick snatch, which didn’t develop, probably a small Roach, but at least something was there and feeding.  Shortly after, the sort of bite worth waiting for, a better fish, not rushing away, just slowly moving across the swim, many times, almost as if it new it was too good to be rushed.  At last the fish was tiring, finally resigning itself to the net, a 7lbs. Common. 

More of the loose pellets and maggots and another Common of 5lbs..  Not surprisingly a lull, as the sun was sinking and the temperature dropping, but the sport hadn’t finished.  Another good bite produced a further Common of 5lbs., and it didn’t end there.  A last cast, anglers are good at kidding themselves on this, but well worth it as a different style of bite yielded a nice Crucian, unusual for the time of the year, of about 1.5lbs.

It looks like those four fish, about 18.5lbs. will have to suffice for the foreseeable future, as everything went into ”Lockdown” on Tuesday.  

Tight Lines,  Tinca Tinca.