Home Farm Report – 15th May 2020

What a difference a day makes.  For many weeks we have been
tantalised by balmy days, above temperatures for the time of the year, but
nowhere to hone our passion, then on Thursday, 7th we were tempted with the
prospect of some relief to be announced on Sunday, 10th.

An easing of the ”Lockdown”, from Monday, 11th, there would be
more opportunities to exercise, and some limited access to sport, including
angling, subject to self distancing rules, not a problem for fishermen, from
Wednesday, 13th.  An almighty rush was expected, but perhaps the disbelief
was slow to sink in, and a solitary ‘Rod’ enjoyed the lake to themselves. 
The penny finally dropped and Thursday was very busy, with a drove of eager
anglers keen to exercise their casting arm.  The fish were happy to
respond,  so as to benefit from their regular choice from an ‘A La
Carte’ Menu’, they were spoilt for choice.

Friday,15th, was the day I had marked for my magical return to normality, but I was prudent enough to check that there was space available to slot in.  Arriving at 2o’clock, swims were available near to the entrance and with the dry firm approach the pleasure of parking alongside the selected spot, what more could you ask for.  There were two other anglers in position, one to the right and one at the top of the lake, into a fish as I was tackling up.  There was plenty of activity on the surface, but I opted for a medium open ended feeder to minimise any interest from the ducks, who were also very hungry.  

A carefully prepared ground bait, spiced with different attractors, would be the main offering, whereas the hook bait , a small sinking pellet.  Just minimal interest for the first hour then a proper bite, and as it turned out the best fish of the session, an 8lb. Common.  Just as this was coming to the net, the angler to the right was finishing, and confirmed he had caught 26 fish.  The other angler left soon after having taken several Carp.  I put my concentration back to the task in hand and was into another Common of 6lbs.  Sport seemed a little slow so a change to sweet corn.  This really opened the lock gates, and sport kept going till a finish at 6 o’clock with another 8 X Carp from 3 to 6lbs., including a Mirror of 5lbs., giving a total of around 50lbs.

What a way to begin to ease out of the ‘Lockdown’, warm, a light wind, a fine catch of Carp, all in sparkling condition, they appeared as pleased to see me as I, certainly, them.  I can hardly wait for next week. 

 What a difference a day has made!

 Tight Lines.