Breaking news!!!

You can now book your match dates online!!!!
Go to our booking section, select 'Match' from the drop down menu and fill in your details - don't worry, it's set up so you can pay on the day still

  • Standard peg £6     (16 to 65) 
  • Concession peg £4     (under 16, over 65)
  • Match pegs from £6
  • Up to 10 pegs flat rate of £70, then £6 per peg

While the ground is still very wet, please park considerately in the parking area to allow as much room for others as possible.

Diagonally parking along each side allows more cars in that area, than parking in a straight line along the back.

The above charges relate to cash only payments onsite

We have added online payments to our lake, but these come with a 50p fee to cover our processing costs

No anglers under 16 allowed onsite without adult supervision

  1. Opening Hours

Summer hours – open at 06:30 and closed by 21:30 – depending on available light from April to September

Winter hours – open at 07:30 and closed by 17:00 – depending on available light from October to the end of March.

Due to us being a working farm with livestock onsite, we do not offer night fishing.


We have added the option to book pegs before you arrive.   This is entirely your choice and isn’t mandatory.
If you prefer to book before you arrive, you can now book your peg online!   Thanks to iBook Fishing we now have an online booking and payment option.
Select your preferred date from the calendar below, click the day and fill in the form – it’s as easy as that.
Red days are all booked (usually for matches) amber days have only a few pegs remaining and green days have all or many pegs available.  You have to book at least 24 hours in advance to ensure your peg is reserved for you.
All online booking costs include a booking fee of 75p per peg booked to cover the costs for this service


Match bookings are welcome and can be booked for any day of the week.   The fees are £70 for up to 10 pegs then £6 per additional peg and for this your club will have exclusive access to the whole lake.

This can now be done online, by selecting ‘Match’ from the drop down menu above the calendar.

For a guide on how to do this – please CLICK HERE

To book at match, either call us on 01926 812121 or you can email us on


Please note, there is a maximum match duration of 6 hours with no exceptions

It is worth checking the calendar above or giving us a call to check if the lake is available.

If you have booked a match with us, please confirm you will still attend, a couple of days in advance.
This will help us to ensure our signs are up and can keep non-match anglers from setting up.

All match fees must be collected by the club and put into the tin before the match starts.

Please be patient if we can’t answer the phone straight away, we both work full-time and can’t always get to the phone.  It is easier to email if you are contacting to book a match or check details, altough all this can now be done via this website.

Payment options

If you prefer to pay online on the day, now you can using the info below

But if you prefer cash, that's fine as the envelopes and boxes will always be there! We have changed from PayPal to Stripe due to issues with PayPal recently.

(The online payment includes the processing fee charged to us by Sumup/Stripe)

A bit about Home Farm Lake

We have great pleasure in welcoming you to Home Farm Lake.  

Set in a quiet corner of Warwickshire, our farm is home to our children, dogs, sheep, cattle, pigs, chickens and of course, the fish.

 The Lake was created in 2004 in a field that was always wet,  and originally stocked with silver fish, tench, chubb, roach etc. and over the years has matured and developed into a charming and peaceful location, now teaming with and excellent assortment of carp (common, crucian and mirror) as well as an annual spawn of all species.  We have some fine specimens including F1 hybrids and goldfish. 

Due to recent visitors without appropriate equipment, we will no longer allow anyone onsite who does not have the correct kit.  If you don’t have a landing net, you cannot fish, you must use barbless hooks and no steel braids on your setup.

If it came with you, it leaves with you – there are no exceptions


PLEASE make sure you leave your peg as you found it – NO RUBBISH of any sort – including sandwiches, teabags, banana skins, apple cores and cigarette/cigar ends.  If you brought it with you, please take it away with you.  Any unused bait can go into the water, but please break up bread rather than throw in whole slices.  We check every peg meticulously every day once everyone has left, so it is very obvious if anyone leaves anything behind – we will keep it for your next visit…

Angling Trust website update

The link above will take you directly to the Angling Trust site for any further updates.

Our postcode - CV47 8HX should bring you right here

Current Weather


“Lovely little pond, great fishing with fantastic weights if not over pegged”
“Good fishing and can park behind your peg good for people with disabilities or those who cannot walk far and of course you know your car is safe.”
“Great fishing smashing people”
“Good friendly owners and a well stocked lake”
“Great venue stunning fish”
“A very pleasant place to fish”

Please read our rules PLEASE PAY BEFORE YOU SET UP - if you don't do this, you don't have permission to be onsite

All fish caught from this lake MUST BE RETURNED – NO POACHING

24 Hour Recording and Remotely Accessed CCTV is in constant operation

Barbless hooks only (no pinch barbs) Maximum size 12 – we will check periodically

Keep nets for matches only – not to be used for pleasure fishing. During matches ideally use at least two nets, one for fish over 2lbs, one for smaller fish.  Please respect the health and well being of our fish at all times – if you are using keep nets, please consider how long the fish have been in the nets – maximum time is 6 hours and we will ask you to empty them if you exceed this

Maximum of ONE rod/pole per angler – there are a LOT of fish in there

Please do not litter –  take it home – including cigarette ends, teabags etc. – have a good look around you before you leave.

Please do not throw cigarette ends into the water or leave them on the bank – they end up in fish or waterfowl – and please don’t leave them in the parking area or around the lake in general

Please return all fish promptly to the water, gently via your landing net

Do not leave rods/poles unattended at any time

Please pay BEFORE you set up

No night fishing

Sorry, no dogs

No fires or BBQs

If you bring alcohol, it is up to you to ensure you are safe to drive at the end of your day

No floating baits, and use natural baits only please

Please use the toilet onsite – not the banks or field next to the lake. 

Please respect fellow anglers, the fish, lake and our property

Please park considerately, either by the peg you are fishing (weather/conditions permitting), on the hard standing or if it’s really busy, outside the house – we’ve cut the banks pretty close to make sure there is plenty of room to pass

Non paying anglers will be banned, and their details circulated to all local fisheries

This is a working family farm and our home, fishing is at the discretion of the proprietors, so please respect our home and land – and have a great days fishing

Please check bookings on this website or call us before you head out (more so at the weekend)

Anyone found contravening these rules will be asked to leave